How to use Church Prayer Lists to increase the connection between Church Members

How to use Church Prayer Lists to increase the connection between Church Members

A Church Prayer list is simply a sheet of paper, with a list of those people you are praying for. You can pray for others every night, every morning when you awake, or when you pray for yourself.

Members of a congregation should be encouraged to create their own church prayer lists, because there are a number of immediate benefits in doing so.

Creating a Church Prayer list helps accomplish the following:
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  • It puts your own worries and challenges in perspective. Sure, it may be difficult for you if you say didn’t get the $2,000 bonus that you were expecting. But if you are praying for someone who needs a source of income, and has been looking for a job in the first place, it helps put your concerns in perspective
  • It helps relieve yourself of your own worries or fears. If you are thinking of others, then you are not absorbed in yourself. Helping others, thinking of others, and so forth actually helps benefit you because then it is easy to forget your own worries or fears. Then, when you actually do deal with your own situation, you can approach it with a clear head, and realize that your worries and fears were just that, worries and fears. Very little to no substance, and then you can tackle them head on.
  • It helps you connect with others. To have a balanced life, people need to feel connected to others. Learning what other challenges people are facing helps you to learn who they really are, as opposed to a superficial ‘hi/bye’ relationship. Not only that, but when someone else realizes that you genuinely care, it helps to forge strong friendships.
  • It helps you grow spiritually and gives you extra experience. If you are learning about others, you can learn how they approach their own worries and or fears. When they overcome them, you can learn from their experiences. If you ever encountered something similar in the future, you could use their experiences to help you conquer your own challenges. You could slay those concerns before they ever became worries or fears.

Creating a prayer list is easy:

  1. Take out a sheet of paper and a pen
  2. Start writing the names of those on your hear. It doesn’t matter if it is just a few names, others will come to you and your prayer list will grow.
  3. When you pray, think of how the individuals you are thinking of can be helped. If someone needs a employment, envision them finding a dream job that is a perfect match for their skills. If someone is injured, imagine them smiling, laughing, and having the warmth of friends and family around them. If someone needs to pass a test, imagine the sigh of relief they will have when it is over, and the beaming smile when they ace it.

Creating prayer lists is a great way to focus. It is a great way to create and forge strong bonds with others.

Do this on a daily basis, and not only will you find that actually others do become better off and happier, but you will find peace in your own heart.

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