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How to find your life purpose and design a life plan

A few years ago a unique movie came out called “The Bucket List.”  The idea was that two men discovered that their time on earth was coming to a close so together they made a list of all the things … Continue reading

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Benefits of photo directories for your Church, and how to create a photo directory

My family and I have moved fairly often and without exception, every time I unpack the attic I come across my yearbooks.  Some are from elementary school and others from college and I just have to stop and flip through … Continue reading

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How to become a mentor — and why mentoring is important

It has been an enormous blessing in my life to have people to look up to and emulate.  Perhaps you have as well: a beloved teacher, an inspiring football coach, a supportive employer, an active father or a mother who … Continue reading

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The benefits of homestudy – why you should have a home study group

A little known fact about the early church during the New Testament period (i.e. Book of Acts) is that they did not meet in large facilities for worship.  Most of the time they met in someone’s home and there they … Continue reading

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How to overcome fear and anxiety through one simple solution

Fear is something that is part of the human experience from the time we are young children up until we draw our last breathe in this world.  The kinds of fears people experience run the full scale from heights, snakes, … Continue reading

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The importance of tranquility in your life

We live in a fast paced, fast food, media saturated, noise polluted time.  We are bombarded by expectations, pressures, commitments and deadlines.  This does not bode well for living well, to say nothing of living long.  It is hard to … Continue reading

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Church Tithing — How it Can Help you

A biblical concept that receives little fan fare or attention unless the church budget is running low or a building campaign is set to begin is that of tithing.  The story is told of a young boy who was no … Continue reading

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How do you define a ‘successful’ Church?

Is our church a “successful” church? That is a good question for every congregation to ask. Of course we also want to ask what do we mean by “successful” and in whose eyes are we successful? It’s relatively easy to … Continue reading

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How to get your children to go to Church in the morning!

Beep! Beep! Beep! The alarm clock goes off and soon a pot of coffee is filling the air with the unmistakable promise of a good morning. It’s Sunday and soon you will be heading off for church….if you could just … Continue reading

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How to make Sunday School enjoyable – essential Church Classes

While the Sunday morning worship service is certainly the central part of the morning, the classes held before (or after depending on the schedule) can be immensely valuable to those who participate in them. Recently a parishioner told me that … Continue reading

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