Using personalized Church Letters to Increase Church Membership

Increase your church membership and activity with church letters

Getting people to come to church is one thing. Getting them to bring their friends, and come regularly after that is another thing.

One very effective means of retaining membership, and in fact expanding it, is through church letters, specifically personalized letters to each individual.

One of the reasons people come to Church is to develop friendships, develop connections with other individuals, and of course focus on how to become a better human being.  In today’s society, many people juggle two jobs just to make ends meet. They drive their children between various activities. Subsequently, they don’t have the time to develop that bond with other human beings. They need that connection to nourish their soul, but may just not realize it. So at the end of the day, exhausted, they may feel that no one else cares about their personal situation.

Personalized Church letters can remind these individuals that someone else does in fact care. Imagine coming home from a long day at work, knowing that you have to make dinner for the children, clean up after that, take the dog for a walk, buy groceries, and so forth, when all you want to do is relax. Imagine then, noticing a letter from your church on the table, and opening it. Imagine then that the pastor/priest/bishop sent you a personalized letter, wishing you a happy birthday and that they’d like to have a little celebration for you next Sunday when you come to Church. Or imagine that your priest/bishop/pastor remembered that you got a promotion at work, and just wanted to say congratulations. Or imagine that he or she wanted to congratulate your child for winning first place in the local talent show.

How would that make you feel? Of course you would smile. Of course you would feel good about yourself. People like it when other people are thinking of them. And of course you would want to reciprocate. In fact, you’d probably even want to go to Church to thank the pastor personally for thinking of you.

This is a very effective means of growing your congregation. In fact, people would want to invite their friends to come to a church that cared, and wasn’t simply interested in the amount someone could donate.

Church letters are very cost effective, and are a great outreach tool for those working in the ministry, and establishing genuine relationships based on sincerity. Something as simple as:

“Hi! I wanted to write you to wish you a happy birthday. I hope you; your family and friends will enjoy your special day together”. Of course, if you wanted to add a bit of humor and/or religious sayings, that would be appreciated too. For example, something as simple as, “Of course, God is thinking about you, and thinks you are special, as we here at _____ Church do so as well. You’ve grown as a person, and you have so much more excitement coming in your life. We want to wish you a Happy Birthday!”.

People like the personal touch. People like being cared about.

If you care about your people, your people will care about your Church. And writing personalized church letters is one very effective way of doing that.

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