Church Tithing — How it Can Help you

A biblical concept that receives little fan fare or attention unless the church budget is running low or a building campaign is set to begin is that of tithing.  The story is told of a young boy who was no longer wearing bow ties but now neckties like his father.  He was proud of this but became quite panicked when he heard the minister make an announcement during the service.  Anxiously, and gripping his tie, he looked at his dad and said, “Why did the minister just say they were going to collect the ties and offerings?”  Unfortunately, many Christian adults suffer the same malady as the little boy, not sure at all of what tithing is.  Tithing is a portion of our income.  It is a way of learning to trust God and honor him.  Tithing is not only a command of God upon his people since before the days of Moses, but a great joy with many delights and benefits to those who practice it.

In reality, tithing is a simple concept to grasp: 10% of our income.  “Tithe” simply means “tenth.”  A tithe is one-tenth or 10 percent of our income.  As God is One who does not put on us more than we can bear, he gave us a simple, easy to remember number so as to not confuse us or make thing complex.  God has given us all that we have.  100% of our possessions and income are traced back to the benevolent, providential hand of God.  Therefore, we always have, when we are paid, one hundred percent of our income, then ten percent of that goes back to the Lord.  Whether a minimum wage earner or a millionaire, the percentage remains the same.  By returning to the Lord a sizeable portion of our income we are in effect saying to God, “In response to your generosity to me, I give this back to you, asking for you to meet my needs and see to it that I have the provisions necessary for this life.”

What are some of the benefits to you when you tithe?

  • First off, you help other people. Through your church, they are able to redirect funds to people that need help, whether it is food, shelter, or something else. Sometimes someone might be embarrassed to receive money directly from another church member, whereas when it is through a church, they can receive the help they need without any embarrassment.
  • Second, you help yourself. How? By tithing, and actually being able to allocate 10% of your income — you are learning how to save. You are learning how to allocate part of your income for other purposes. This makes it easier for you to do the same in other areas of your life, important areas — such as vacation money, tuition money for your children, rainy day money, and so forth.

To begin tithing is not complicated, here’s how:

  • Depending on when and how often you are paid each month, determine what your monthly income is and multiply it by .10, that number is your monthly tithe.
  • Make it the first check you write.  Doing this ensures that we honor the Lord and live on the remainder.
  • How the church receives it is up to you.  I suppose I am old-fashioned but there is something to the idea of bringing our offering to the worship service and placing it in the plate, bag or box.
  • Don’t forget to praise the Lord!  He who has given us a fine measure of the good things of this life deserves our praise.  Doing so changes our attitude about giving.

What does your tithe accomplish?  Many things!  First, it obeys God’s commands.  Then, it is the way to guarantee that the storehouse of the Lord is full and able to fund the ministries of the church.  Think of all the needy people in the community who can turn to the church!  Remember: it is more blessed to give than to receive.  The joyous feeling of giving well is incomparable.  That is a blessing that you will know!  The other blessing is that it causes us to reevaluate our financial priorities and understand with greater clarity what is truly important in this life and worth spending our money on.  If you are a tithing Christian then you know all these things from your own experience.  If not, follow the steps outlined above and get ready to be blessed!  Not only will you be blessed but so will your congregation on account of your faithfulness to God and your trusting in him.

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How do you define a ‘successful’ Church?

Is our church a “successful” church? That is a good question for every congregation to ask. Of course we also want to ask what do we mean by “successful” and in whose eyes are we successful? It’s relatively easy to look at a company to see if they are successful. If they are adding more employees, needing more trucks and building more buildings then we say they are a success. Or consider our professional or collegiate ball teams. That’s even easier to see if they are a success: are they winning more games than they are losing? But the church is different. This article will express three aspects that determine whether a church is successful or not. It must be understood that if the world looks at our church and calls us a success but God would not then we gain nothing. If, on the other hand, God calls us a success then no matter what anyone else says, a success we are.

  • The first measure of success is — are you teaching what you set out to do? For example, if you are teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, are you preaching and teaching it? What is the good news? It’s very simple! Jesus came to us from heaven, was born a baby, lived a sinless life and paid for sins by dying on the cross. His sacrifice was accepted by God the Father as evidenced by the resurrection which we celebrate on Easter Sunday. This is the heart and soul of who Christians are.  If we stand courageously and faithfully on this then we are the lights on the city hills. Let John 3:16 always be our banner “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
  • The second measure of a successful church is — How do they take care of one another? And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” (Hebrews 13:16) God expects us to look after one another and to do good to each other. We may sense the absence of a smile from a friend, inquire of it and help carry their burden. It’s always wonderful, isn’t it, when someone comes to help us carry the heavy weights the world places upon us. Remember that good feeling and right thing and bless someone by doing it for them. Share from our abundance. You may share your wealth, but also share your wisdom, your jokes, your smiles, your hugs, and, if you are a guy, share your tree stand or fishing boat. The apostle Paul tell us “each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.” (Philippians 2:4)Interestingly enough, when you start to help others, you find you are actually helping yourself. How so? You are learning from other people’s experience, saving yourself from having to go through the same pain and/or suffering. You are developing friendships (so if you ever need to talk to someone, someone is willing to listen because you listened to them). And you learn what is truly valuable in life. While of course ‘things’ like nice cars, beautiful watches and so forth are important and have their place, relationships with others helps make a life more fulfilling. After all — can you imagine having a fancy corvette — but no one to show it off to? :) What would be the fun in that???
  • The third measure of a successful church is how they take care of what God has given them. Take care of your facilities. Does the sanctuary need a fresh coat of paint? Has the leak from the roof been fixed so that along with the prevention of water damage, drops of water aren’t landing on people during church? Is the parking lot properly lit so people are safe in the evenings? Change dead light bulbs and check the fire extinguishers to be sure they are ready. Consider giving the church kitchen some needed updating. A good way to scare off parents with young children is to have a playground with outdated, worn equipment so spend some money and bring it up to date. If there are any “green thumbs” in the church put their talents to work by addressing the landscape and flower beds. We need to take care of what God has entrusted to us. Ask a friend to come and “inspect” the church, fresh eyes see what ours will miss.How you treat your ‘house’ is an indication of how much respect you have for someone. For example, if you had the president come visit your home — you would make sure you had your ‘Sunday best’ out, wouldn’t you? Well, you shouldn’t reserve your Sunday best just for ‘important’ people. You should look, act and talk your best all the time. When people see that you respect them, they in turn will naturally respect you.

Above are a few elements of how you can determine whether your church is ‘successful’. And, if its not quite there yet, then you know what you need to do! :)


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How to get your children to go to Church in the morning!

Beep! Beep! Beep! The alarm clock goes off and soon a pot of coffee is filling the air with the unmistakable promise of a good morning. It’s Sunday and soon you will be heading off for church….if you could just find those shoes you or that tie were wanting to wear. Let’s face it, come Sunday morning, normal universal physics no longer apply and things go missing that Saturday night were properly placed. A smile is on your face after a good week has come to completion and now it is time to gather the family and go to church and worship the Lord.

The trouble is, not everyone is as excited to go as you are. Sometimes and for various reasons our children may be hesitant to want to go to church. Perhaps if you think back upon your own childhood you may recall not always having the fondest of memories as you experienced church. Perhaps they sang songs you were not familiar with, the preacher used words you didn’t understand, the pews were uncomfortable, or if your parents were like my parents I had to wear shoes that I believe were intended for discomfort. So how do you cultivate in your child a love for Sundays and for going to church? What you can do so that they go not just willingly but happily?

  • First, be organized and make your children feel relaxed. Sunday morning rush is one of the most detrimental anxieties plaguing Sunday morning. Pick out your clothes and theirs the night before, if something needs ironed be sure to do it then and not at 9 a.m. I assure you, an outlet will rebel or a previously unnoticed stain on your favorite shirt will emerge. Give children baths or showers the night before. Again the idea is to minimize the rush and the scurrying to and fro.
  • Make it a special day. When I was young, we stopped by our local Dunkin’ Doughnuts on the way in and I always got the cinnamon twists and one powdered doughnut. Perhaps Dad can make his special pancakes, throw in some bacon and eggs and make it a special morning, because it is.
  • Treat them like important people.  When you are at church, be sure to introduce them not only to children but to adults as well so that they have relationships with a good range of people. The minister will seem less of a stranger if you have him over for lunch. Maybe a game of catch or h.o.r.s.e. outside will help your child make a connection on a more personal level. If the children in the church are not from your child’s school district then make occasions for the families to get together. Some churches have a special “children’s sermons or children’ s time” where the minister teaches them something either from the sermon or a Bible verse and connects it to their lives. Either before, after or quietly during, explain to your child the various parts of the service and why they are important. Maybe you yourself are not sure, ministers love to answer these kinds of questions. Ask them what they learned in Sunday School or in the worship service and praise them for interacting with what was being taught.
  • Get your children involved. No one likes just ‘having’ to go somewhere to sit and listen. But if they are involved, then everything else becomes interesting. Something else that is often times overlooked is involving children in the ministry aspects of the church. Children want to do important things. Pay attention to when a group of people are planning to go to a widow’s house and rake leaves. Your child could draw a happy picture for them with a Bible verse written on it and even lend a hand to raking those leaves. A homeless shelter will sometimes have children there who just want to play and color with another child. These are ways where not only does the little boy or girl or even teenager spend time with others from the church, they are also helping someone else. Whenever I am working on something at home I am reminded that God wired children with the desire to help because I hear their inquiry often “can I help?”

Apply these simple steps, and not only will you find that your children are more willing to go to Church, but you might find Sunday mornings, that they are more excited and even ready before you are!

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How to make Sunday School enjoyable – essential Church Classes

While the Sunday morning worship service is certainly the central part of the morning, the classes held before (or after depending on the schedule) can be immensely valuable to those who participate in them. Recently a parishioner told me that he gets more out of Sunday school than he does out of preaching! Thankfully, I am his Sunday school class teacher. So a church would be well served to carefully put together a well chosen array of classes and to staff them with volunteers/ministers who are not only interested but passionate about the program! (Article copyright

  • First, let the minister lead by example. In most cases, the minister has formal biblical/theological education and is well suited to teach most classes in a church setting. Let them put their training and oratory skills to further use by teaching a class that is either addressing a doctrinal issue or a biblical passage. He can even live on the edge by inviting questions and feedback from the class which is something the lectern can provide that the pulpit cannot! This gives the minister yet another opportunity to connect with the people of the congregation.
  • An “Inquirers’ Class” is a great way for visitors to get to know one another, and importantly, other members who may be teaching. Churches have history, for some that history may stretch several decades or if your church is like mine over 200 years. Here they can find out how the church came to be, where it is going, what it believes and teaches and what it is doing. A “graduation” for this class may be in their joining the church or simply continuing to worship with you.
  • An adult Bible class is a must in every church. There are a host of great Sunday school curricula to be found on the web, or contact your denominations’ main office and they can direct you to their Christian Education director who can point you in the right direction. These classes usually become second families to those who jump in with both feet usually resulting in fellowship outside the church and great times of learning and sharing within it.
  • Another must-have class is a children’s Bible class. Likewise, the minister or the denomination offices are the first places to go in search of good literature that is in step with your church’s system of beliefs and doctrines. It is important to maintain continuity of teaching throughout the congregation. Some curriculum cover the same topics as adults but at different levels so that parents and children know what the other learned and discussion can take place.

Other class options to offer:

  • Parenting -Learning to raise your children the way God intended.
  • Financial principles – Dave Ramsey and Larry Burkett both come from a biblically oriented way of handling finances and have user friendly materials.
  • Learn to share your faith -people are hesitant to talk to others about the good news of Jesus Christ because they have not been trained how.
  • Where do I fit in? This class uses spiritual gift inventories tests to determine how God has gifted you for service in his church. Then find where that gift can be best used and plug in!
  • Catechism class – This class helps adults and children articulate the truths of the faith with clarity

As you can see there are several ways to make Sunday school classes enjoyable for everyone while providing meaningful opportunities to learn, grow and be part of the church!

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How to increase your Church Contributions and Church Finances

Regardless of denominational differences or where a church is located, across the board they have one thing in common…they are almost always concerned about finances. Money is a necessary part of running a successful church.

Whenever a recession hits the nation and jobs become more difficult to find and less production means less income, eventually a church congregation is going to feel the pinch. And, like many things in life it actually provides us with an opportunity to see and do some worthwhile, even wonderful things. In these times, what can a church do to encourage giving so that the monetary needs of the church are met? Well, there are several….

  • Have a fun event! Some churches will have a special dinner before embarking on a building campaign as a way to energize the church and open wallets. Instead of a private restaurant or having something catered, meet on your own grounds with a covered dish dinner, some fun games and singing and rally the people to rise to the occasion and give graciously during this tough time.
  • Learn from the best! There are several good, Christian financial seminars, books and conferences to be taken advantage of. They will give you the tools and the know-how of setting up a working budget, giving to God the tithe of our income, wise spending and good saving habits. If a congregation is well trained on how to handle their income in their homes then the church shall lack no good thing. Think of it! Ministries are well supplied, food pantry and clothing racks filled to the brim, benevolence funds available and all because God’s people learned the simple ways of handling God’s money!
  • Make sure you are using your existing resources effectively, or find out how you can streamline existing processes. For example, using our site specifically as an example (ABCFastDirectory), you could use this software to create a photo membership directory automatically, instead of doing it by hand (in a program such as Microsoft Word, etc). While of course you could do that in Microsoft Word, to edit it, keep it current, move pictures around, move text around, try and alphabetize it, etc would literally take 100′s of hours over the course of several months. Using ABCFastDirectory, you could accomplish the same thing in a matter of hours, and then use the 98 other hours (more than two full work weeks!) for other important tasks. So sit down and evaluate which of your existing processes can be streamlined.
  • Understand what ministries your money supports! For most churches the bulk of the budget goes to pay the minister’s salary and the mortgage payment on the building if it is not paid for. The rest goes to support the various ministries in the church whether it is for children or seniors adults. Therefore, one Sunday a month or two or three, take a moment just before the worship service and have the leadership explain a particular ministry, introduce someone who is benefited by that ministry so the congregation makes a personal connection with where their money is going and who it truly benefits. When people see the good cause that is being supported, they are more likely to support it, both financially and in terms of volunteering.
  • Don’t merely ask for money, get support for a vision! A trusted axiom is this: money follows vision. Where is the church going? What frontiers in the community are you going to blaze into? Where is all this headed? Ask your leadership to clarify the vision of the church. Dollars follow the asking, but checks follow vision!

If you apply these steps, not only will you see almost immediate results to the bottom line of your Church’s finances, but you will find that you have the funds and resources to accomplish what is important to you.

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How ‘keeping the Sabbath Holy’ can actually help you, not just because the Bible says so

Ever feel like taking a break? Tired of being overwhelmed? Well, there’s a reason for that. God, our Creator, did not make us to be like little Energizer bunny who just keeps going, and going, and going.

It would be nice to have that kind of endless energy but God made us to need rest. Just as our bodies are prone to thirst and get hungry, he has provided a way to get rest. Even with all of the nutritional information we have to properly fuel our bodies, there is no substitute for getting rest.

The first way he did this was by giving us the Sabbath Day. In fact, so important is it that God even made it one of the Ten Commandments. On that day, which most Christians recognize to be Sunday, God’s people are to treat that day with special care. Above all things, people are to gather together and worship him with fellow believers. But in addition to that, it is to be a day when we…wait for it… wait for it…. you don’t work! He has given us six days in which to do all our work and labor, but that seventh day we are to walk away from it all, worship Him and rest! Can you believe that? A command to rest!

Can you imagine how nice it would be if your boss at work came in one day, lets say a Monday, and then just told you “You know, I think you are working too hard. Why not take the day off and go to the golf course, my treat?” How good would you feel? Yet, sometimes we forget to be good to ourselves, and then it becomes to easy to become burnt out quickly.

Often times my weeks get very busy and from time to time even my Saturdays are consumed with various demands. I also love the look or a nicely mowed lawn. Seeing the lines from the mower and the crisp, same length grass bring a funny joy to my heart. But I won’t cut the grass on Sunday because God has told me to rest. I’ll make sure I get it done on Saturday, so then I can get a full day of rest on Sunday.

There were periods even during the ministry of Jesus when he would stop, steal away to the quiet mountain area, rest and pray. Sometimes he would take some, not all, of the disciples with him that not only would he spend special time with them but teach them this valuable lesson. He left the clamoring crowds, yes even the sick who were in need of healing. There will always be those who need your help, always. There will always be one who needs some advice, needs a helping hand, an extra hour, a small project, a quick errand or one more phone call. The need may even be legitimate.

Sometimes, you need to walk away, go to a quiet place and rest. It may only be for an hour, perhaps a day or maybe even a week. When people take extended time off it is even called a sabbatical. In our technological world with Blackberry’s, I-Pods, wireless laptops and so forth, we need to disconnect from it all and turn it off.

Last year a friend of our family gave us a wonderful gift, a week’s stay at their mountain home. The scenery is breathtaking, the air is cool and there is no cell phone signal. You might guess that we will take up any and all future invitations to use that home.

Your body needs to have a time where few demands are placed upon it, only the basics. Rest, eat and repeat ought to be the mantra of taking time away. Rarely to do people get the physician recommended 8 hours of sleep so be sure to get that. Your mind needs to not have the constant pressure of work no matter your vocation. But perhaps even more so, the stress that our hearts encounter when we go, go, go can actually lead to physical illness or worse. So, joyfully obey the commands of God, worship him and rest. He is the Great Physician and that is his prescription for our lives.

Be good to yourself. Rest, and you will see amazing results and changes in your life.

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How to increase your Church Attendance in a few small steps

How do you increase Church attendance almost immediately?

As you probably know, there are many wonderful things about the summertime but one that is hard, particularly for ministers, is the expected low attendance on Sunday mornings.

Yes, the summer months may be the only time that many families can get away for vacation and enjoy some time together. So at least you know they are out of town. There is not much to do except to pray for a good time and safe journey to and from their destination. What about the rest of the year? What can be done during the fall, winter and spring months? All is not lost, there are some practical things that ministers can do and some things that anyone in the congregation can do to help.

As far as the minister goes, he can do no better than faithfully teaching the Word of God. “Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another-and all the more as you see the Day approaching.” (Hebrews 10:25) Texts such as this one and the many to be found in the book of Acts which highlights the routine (even daily!) gathering together of believers are great places to teach from concerning this important part of Christian life.

Remember the TV show “Cheers”? My parents never missed an episode. I can easily picture Norm and Cliff now. The song said “you want to go where everybody knows your name.” It has been said that the most beautiful sound a person can hear is their own name being spoken. Take time to go through your church directory and be sure you can call everyone by name. Put on a name sticker so that new people will be able to call you by name. They will appreciate it greatly. You may be the only to do it! Do it anyway, you may even start a new trend! People who are greeted by name will quickly come to feel more at home and more part of things and thus more likely to return week after week.

Other ideas to see your church attendance numbers skyrocket:

  • Send personalized post cards to those you haven’t seen in a while. They are inexpensive, space provides enough content room and they let people know you are thinking about them.
  • Pick up the phone. Give a quick call some time after supper and just let them know that you miss seeing them.
  • Prepare a simple meal. It could be that they have been ill or not feeling well and a home cooked meal (don’t cheat! :) ) sends a personal message of your love and concern.
  • Help the ministers! The ministers have many hats to wear and several duties and from time to time they may overlook a face they have not seen. Drop a well worded note letting the minister know that so and so has not been there for a while, and in addition to what you are doing, you felt as though they should know. They will be appreciative knowing that there are wonderful people in the congregation doing their part to help keep the flock together.
  • Have a party and eat. Simple times of fellowship and fun usually work wonders in drawing people back to Sunday mornings.

Applying these simple techniques are easy, but will have amazing results for you.

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How to make your Church Events a success!

If you want to make your Church events a success nowadays, there are a few key things that you need to do. We here at ABCFastDirectory have realized this and noted a few key things. There was a time when the church was the very hub and center of the community. People were simply not as frantic in their schedules as often times they are today. Sure they were busy then there was always work to do and family to be with. But when the church put on an event you can be sure that everyone came as this was a time outside of the normal Sunday service to be together and enjoy the fellowship of everyone’s company.

While we can’t turn back the hands of time there are things the church can do that accomplishes the next best thing. It can host great events! There are many kinds some which cost no money and others that well worth the cost of admission.

  • Let the church have a “town hall meeting.” No, I don’t mean necessarily for the town council to come (be sure to invite them anyway) but this event serves two purposes. First, always observe this rule: there’s no meeting without eating! Ask the people in your church to bring a main dish and a dessert, let the church provide the sides and the drinks. Do not skip over Mrs. Jones potato salad! After everyone has eaten, take time to discuss a topic of interest. Perhaps the leadership has been mulling over an issue and would like feedback from the congregation. Maybe there’s a new ministry idea or a building to build-this is a great time for people to tell (constructively) what’s on their mind. This way, everyone feels part of the church by way of communicating what they think. Best of all, aside from food preparation, the event is free!
  • Host Seasonal Events! Take Thanksgiving as an example, a worship service of giving thanks is easily put together. Prayers of gratitude to God for provision and guidance remind us all of God’s everyday and often overlooked blessings. We are reminded of God’s unfailing faithfulness to us. “He will not let your foot slip-he who watches over Israel will not slumber.” (Psalms 121:3) Again, this event is not a cost issue but in terms of people feeling more connected to God and to one another, it’s a wonderful opportunity.
  • Don’t forget to support the community! This time, it will be good for the church to put some money into an outreach event. A tried and true event is always a Fall Festival or a Back 2 School event. A large church probably has musicians who, for a nominal fee, will come and provide live, good Christian music for all to enjoy. You can do face painting, cake walks, hay rides, pie throwing and the always a treat “preacher in the dunking booth.” I don’t know what it is but people sure like dunking the minister! Inflatable slides, obstacle courses and so forth are easy to find and rent for an evening. Be sure to put up signs in grocery stores, stop signs, side of the road, anywhere that you can get the word out and then get ready for a great time! This will energize the congregation, let the community know you are there and want them to have a great time and will likely result in some coming to church one Sunday morning and joining you for worship!

Putting together quality, well thought out events, take us in some ways back to a time when the church was on the forefront of peoples’ hearts, minds and schedule. It reminds the people in our church that we are an extension of their family and encourages good relationships to flourish and grow. It also communicates to the community that we are an alive and active church, eager for them to get to know us.

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How to Organize and Produce a Church Photo Directory for free

How to Organize and Produce a Church Photo Directory for free

Creating a church photo directory has many benefits.

  • It is a great aid for pastors and families to remember who is who
  • The entire congregation can benefit from photo directories, in that they can keep in touch with other people easier, and learn about others in the community.
  • Staff members find the photo directories invaluable in that they can add notes to certain people, and then visually remember what role(s) those individuals play within the Church

Producing a photo directory is rather easy, but here are a few things you should do first.

  • Talk with your priest/pastor/bishop about organizing a photo directory shoot, and organize one day when you will do nothing but take pictures. You need the help of the priest so that he/she can announce the photo shoot several weeks in advance, so that everyone can make sure that they can attend. As well, of course you want everyone wearing their Sunday Best!
  • Find someone to take pictures. You can either find someone within the congregation, or hire a professional photographerAdvantages of in-house photography is that you can save some money, i.e., it’s free. Plus, nowadays, pretty much any digital camera can take the kind of quality pictures that you need.
  • However, in some cases you might want a bit higher quality if you can’t find someone within your congregation. Professional photographers generally know how to bring out the best smiles in individuals, plus know what kind of lighting is necessary to create the best looking pictures. So you should decide whether someone within the congregation has the expertise you need to take high quality photographs, or look at hiring someone else.
  • Send out an e-mail reminder to remind individuals and families of the photo shoots, or announce it several weeks in advance, every Sunday.

Now that you have the photographs, if you’d like to create a photo directory for free, you can do it this way. (Article copyright ABCFastDirectory)

Free Method

  • Use something like Microsoft Word (or any wordprocessing application such as OpenOffice)
  • Create a table, and divide the table into sets of 2 columns. (For example, if you wanted a photograph on the left hand side, and text on the right, you would make it two columns. If you wanted two sets side by side, then you would make it four columns)
  • Cut & paste the photographs into Microsoft Word. Resize them so they fit, and add the information.
  • Make sure you organize everything alphabetically!
  • Add pertinent information, such as the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the families you wish to add.

Alternatively, if time is important to you, and you want something that you can edit easily later on down the road, you might consider a professional photo directory application. Advantages include the following:

  • It is much faster, you just import the photographs, and then the software automatically resizes it.
  • Easy to edit/make changes – If you add new members, you can generally just insert the member where you want them to appear. Doing it manually might take a while, because you would need to shift everything around.
  • Many other uses. Software can allow you to keep track of extra information (phone numbers, e-mail addresses, etc), customize the look & feel of your directory, plus much more. Doing it by hand would take some time
  • Plus many more benefits, depending on your needs

Creating a church photo directory is a pretty simple and straightforward process. Just make sure you organize a time and date with your priest/pastor/bishop to take the photographs. Then, download all the photographs to a computer, import them into a wordprocess or a photo directory application. Organize it, print it off, and then enjoy all the compliments you get for a beautiful photo directory!

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How to use Church Prayer Lists to increase the connection between Church Members

How to use Church Prayer Lists to increase the connection between Church Members

A Church Prayer list is simply a sheet of paper, with a list of those people you are praying for. You can pray for others every night, every morning when you awake, or when you pray for yourself.

Members of a congregation should be encouraged to create their own church prayer lists, because there are a number of immediate benefits in doing so.

Creating a Church Prayer list helps accomplish the following:
(Article copyright ABCFastDirectory)

  • It puts your own worries and challenges in perspective. Sure, it may be difficult for you if you say didn’t get the $2,000 bonus that you were expecting. But if you are praying for someone who needs a source of income, and has been looking for a job in the first place, it helps put your concerns in perspective
  • It helps relieve yourself of your own worries or fears. If you are thinking of others, then you are not absorbed in yourself. Helping others, thinking of others, and so forth actually helps benefit you because then it is easy to forget your own worries or fears. Then, when you actually do deal with your own situation, you can approach it with a clear head, and realize that your worries and fears were just that, worries and fears. Very little to no substance, and then you can tackle them head on.
  • It helps you connect with others. To have a balanced life, people need to feel connected to others. Learning what other challenges people are facing helps you to learn who they really are, as opposed to a superficial ‘hi/bye’ relationship. Not only that, but when someone else realizes that you genuinely care, it helps to forge strong friendships.
  • It helps you grow spiritually and gives you extra experience. If you are learning about others, you can learn how they approach their own worries and or fears. When they overcome them, you can learn from their experiences. If you ever encountered something similar in the future, you could use their experiences to help you conquer your own challenges. You could slay those concerns before they ever became worries or fears.

Creating a prayer list is easy:

  1. Take out a sheet of paper and a pen
  2. Start writing the names of those on your hear. It doesn’t matter if it is just a few names, others will come to you and your prayer list will grow.
  3. When you pray, think of how the individuals you are thinking of can be helped. If someone needs a employment, envision them finding a dream job that is a perfect match for their skills. If someone is injured, imagine them smiling, laughing, and having the warmth of friends and family around them. If someone needs to pass a test, imagine the sigh of relief they will have when it is over, and the beaming smile when they ace it.

Creating prayer lists is a great way to focus. It is a great way to create and forge strong bonds with others.

Do this on a daily basis, and not only will you find that actually others do become better off and happier, but you will find peace in your own heart.

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